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Regulatory Compliance and Packaging Recovery Notes

Chase Plastics Limited has been an Environment Agency accredited UK reprocessor of plastic since the Producer Responsibility Regulations were introduced in 1998. As such, we are subject to regular inspections by the Environment Agency. We are able to supply Packaging Recovery Notes (PRNs) to companies obligated under the Producer Responsibility Regulations who sell us their waste directly. 

Committed to minimising the environmental impact of our business we have signed up to Operation Clean Sweep® - an industry led programme developed to ensure that plastic pellets, flakes and powders are contained within facilities and do not escape to the environment.  We have systems in place to minimise our energy and water consumption and ensure that our housekeeping and control of material loss is to the highest standard. Our products are manufactured under the highest quality standards via our own EUCertPlast accredited quality management system.  All of our products are tested in our laboratory and both melt flow and density is measured for each batch of production. We provide Technical Data Sheets and Material Safety Data Sheets for all products.

We recognise both our legal and environmental responsibilities for the products we place in the market. By means of communication both up and down the supply chain and appropriate independent testing of our products, we have taken all necessary steps to ensure the products we supply are compliant with the REACH regulations. Further details of our compliance with REACH are available on request.

We are members of Plastics Recyclers Europe and the British Plastics Federation. Additionally, we participate in the SIMPL 'Safety in Manufacturing Plastics' initiative to improve Health and Safety across the plastics industry.