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Chase Plastics is committed to the highest standards of quality and service in the supply of recycled polythene pellets and compounds. Our experience in both recycling and film manufacture provides  a thorough understanding of our customers’ requirements.

We are one of the country’s longest established manufacturers of recycled plastic pellets and are committed to recycling plastics in the United Kingdom. Our factory in Brandon, Suffolk serves customers across the UK and mainland Europe.

In 2020 we have achieved EUCertPlast accreditation which recognises the highest standards of material traceability, quality and process control in plastics recycling. The scheme focuses on traceability of plastic materials (throughout the entire recycling process and supply chain) and on the quality of recycled content in the end-product.

Our Values

Key to our longstanding success and excellent reputation is our commitment to:-


Our RECOTHENE range of both post-consumer and pre-consumer grades of low, medium and high-density polythene are engineered to provide excellent performance in both film and rigid applications.

Our three-stage process of recycling, blending and pelletising provides excellent homogeneous strand cut pellets of the highest quality and consistency.

We are continually investing in our skills and processes to ensure they remain industry leading.

With more than fifty years’ experience we are dedicated to providing the highest levels of customer service. Our priority is to give our customers a long term reliable supply of consistent high performance materials.

We also engineer bespoke compounds to meet the customers’ individual requirements.

Reliability of supply is key for process manufacturing; Chase Plastics works with our customers to build a consistent long-term supply of materials engineered to meet their requirements.

We source our feedstock from across the UK and operate a multi-stage recycling, blending and pelletising process to ensure the highest levels of consistency and material quality.

We are committed to being a trusted partner to our customers and suppliers, a valued employer to our team members and a good neighbour. We have been promoting the circular economy for over fifty years and have never been involved in the export of plastic waste.

Sustainability has been the driving force of our business since the 1960s.

By recycling waste plastic, which has already performed a valuable service in it’s primary application, we are ensuring that consumption of virgin plastic is reduced. Once recycled the plastic is able to service a valuable second purpose and potentially be recycled again in the future.

We have always been vocally opposed to the export of waste, which both deprives the United Kingdom of a valuable raw material and creates the risk of plastic waste leaking into the environment.

We are committed to minimising the environmental impact of our business, and have signed up to Operation Clean Sweep. Operation Clean Sweep® is an industry led programme to ensure that plastic pellets, flakes and powders are contained within facilities and therefore do not escape to the environment.  We have systems in place to minimise our energy and water consumption and ensure that our housekeeping and control of material loss is to the highest standard.

The Team

David Harris

David Harris

Our Chairman, David, has 25+ years' industry experience. David held senior management positions within British Polythene Industries PLC and has considerable experience of business turnaround & restructuring and international M&A. 

Johnstone Smith

Johnstone Smith

Managing Director, Johnstone, has over 30 years’ experience in the polythene extrusion and plastics recycling industries. An experienced operations professional, Johnstone leads the team in the development of recycled polythene solutions.

Lucy Sanders

Lucy Sanders

As Supply Chain Manager Lucy is responsible for raw material sourcing, cost management and procurement. Lucy also manages new business development opportunities for our RECOTHENE range of recycled polymer pellets.

Marta Podowska

Marta Podowska

With significant experience in quality management systems, Production Manager Marta oversees the production process from planning & scheduling to resource requirements and overseeing quality control to ensure the efficient manufacture of the RECOTHENE range.

Case Studies



Chase Plastics was approached to manufacture a compound suitable for inclusion in a polythene film product which had to meet a recognised industry standard. Using our blending technology, Chase Plastics worked closely with the customer to produce two separate compounds both of which now successfully form standard ingredients in the customer's product, conforming consistently with the required specification.

Chase Plastics was approached to supply a post-consumer polythene compound made from 100% UK packaging waste in order to satisfy a customer's environmental product specification. Chase Plastics worked with the customer to develop a compound which consistently met the specification and performed to the same standard as the customer's in-house reclaim.

Chase Plastics was asked to compound a customer's in-house regrind to remove all impurities and inconsistencies. Chase Plastics subsequently achieved a consistency and quality of product that enabled the customer to re-use the pelletised compound at a 100% addition rate into their products.

A large retailer needed to eliminate the possibility of their packaging waste being exported and potentially dumped overseas. Chase Plastics worked with the retailer and their supply chain to improve the management of their packaging waste plastic so that it could be recycled by Chase Plastics in the United Kingdom.