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Recycling Consultancy

Many companies are keen to ensure their plastic waste is being handled responsibly. The recent publicity of plastic waste finding its way into the oceans has highlighted the dangers of allowing plastic waste to be exported and companies cannot afford to be associated with this unacceptable practice.

Chase Plastics have always been vocal critics of the export of plastic waste and have never been involved in this activity. All of the waste bought by Chase Plastics is recycled in the United Kingdom into high quality raw materials.

We work with companies who have plastic waste arising in their operations, for example bottling plants, distribution centres and contract packing operations, to improve their management of this waste. When the waste plastic is effectively segregated at source and stored in a suitable manner its value is maximised and the customer has absolute assurance the material is being recycled in the UK by an EUCertPlast accredited company.

We are able to access a large network of industry specialists to augment our in house resources and support customers in meeting their environmental and recycling objectives.