For Extrusion Applications

Typical manufacturing applications for Chase Polythene compounds are:

Polythene Film Products- Refuse Sacks, Swing Bin Liners and Garden Sacks

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Profile Extrusion Products- Polythene Pipes, Tree Guards and Brick Edging

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Polythene Flexible Packaging - Carrier Bags and Mailing Bags

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Any Polythene or Polypropylene extrusion grade application. 

Contact us whatever your application and we are happy to advise you on how to replace virgin with a reprocessed compound.


Our Services

Recycled Polythene

Chase Reprocessed LD, MD and HD PE Compounds

Typical Applications

A Virgin Replacement for many Extrusion Applications

Service Recycling

Toll Reprocessing Service for Production and Packaging Waste.

Buying Your Waste

Make your Waste Plastic Pay