Case Studies

Approached to Manufacture New Compound
Chase Plastics was approached to manufacture a compound suitable for inclusion in a polythene film product which had to meet a recognised industry standard. Using their blending technology, Chase worked closely with the customer to produce two separate compounds both of which now successfully form standard ingredients in the customer's product, conforming consistently with the required specification.

100% UK Packaging Waste Compound
Chase Plastics was approached to supply a recycled polythene compound made from 100% UK packaging waste in order to satisfy a customer's environmental product specification. Chase Plastics worked with the customer to develop a compound, which consistently met specification and performed to the same standard as the customer's usual in-house reclaim.

Consistency and Quality
Chase Plastics was asked to compound a customer's in-house regrind to remove all impurities and inconsistancies. Chase subsequently achieved a consistency and quality of product that enabled the customer to re-use the pelletised compound 100% back into primary product.

A Bespoke MD Compound
A large European packaging manufacturer approached Chase Plastics to make a UK closed loop pipe grade MD for inclusion in one line of their flexible packaging applications.  Chase Plastics dedicated a separate line to make this recycled MD compound and has gone on to suppy this specific compound for over 4 years.


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