Over 50 years of recycling experience
We are the UK's leading independent supplier of high quality Reprocessed Polythene Compound. Established in 1962, a family owned and run business with a production capacity of 10,000 tonnes per year. We operate an Environment Agency accredited site, at Brandon in Suffolk. The plant specialises in the manufacture of batch blended recycled Polythene compounds providing a polymer suitable for virgin replacement.

Profitable use of Polythene recyclate begins when you talk to Chase Plastics
The reduced cost of recycled polythene polymer is commercially vital but quality is essential. At Chase we have a policy of investment in the best and the latest appropriate technologies, which enables us to process many forms of Polythene Packaging Waste into cost-effective, yet high quality compounds for use in many extrusion grade applications.

Working with customers to achieve maximum cost savings.
We work closely with our customers to make our recycled polythene compounds work well for them so the material can be included at the highest percentages possible for their applications.  This approach enhances their margins but can also provide them with solid environmental credentials for their Corporate Social Responsability compliance.  Being 'Green' can also be cost effective!

Providing Continuity in a Changing Waste Industry
Chase Plastics Ltd has had to accomodate the massive changes to the recycling sector, especially the move to export UK waste rather than reprocess it at home.  However, Chase has stuck to its principal of providing excellent reprocessed compounds and has worked hard to maintain the high quality of its reprocessed material to ensure that customers can always rely on a Chase Recycled Compound.

Buying Waste Plastic
Chase Plastics Ltd buys all types of clean polythene packaging waste and production waste for its main process.  We also buy lower quality polythene waste and sort it to our own specification, our sister company Chase Recycling Solutions Ltd does this and also provides full waste management solutions for companies who have many different types of plastic waste to be recycled. 

Go to www.chaserecyclingsolutions.co.uk for more on waste plastic solutions.

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